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Family Law

Dissolution of Marriage

  • Community Property 

  • Separate Property

  • Date of Separation

  • Comingling

  • Credits & Reimbursements

Whether a marriage ends in dissolution (divorce) or legal separation, we are suddenly forced to confront sensitive family dynamics and complex decisions involving the division of your assets and debts.

Our firm takes an organized and full-service approach to resolving your family law issues by incorporating our expertise in child custody, support, marital agreements, estate and tax planning for blended families, and asset preservation for multi-generational families.

Our goal is to successfully transition you through the legal process, which may involve settlement negotiations, mediation, or even litigation. In any case, we focus on a strategic resolution from a position of strength, with an eye towards building a lasting foundation for a successful future for you and your family.

Child Custody

  • Legal & Physical Custody

  • Visitation

  • Domestic Violence

Child custody issues are not limited to marital dissolutions but include any situation where a child’s parents live separately and need to co-parent, either collaboratively or with court supervision.

With any co-parenting plan, we are mindful of the wide range of sensitive family dynamics such as the child’s age, developmental challenges, therapy or counseling needs, incorporating grandparents or other family members in child care, concerns related to domestic violence or substance dependence, and maintaining stability and security for the child. The ultimate goal is to achieve a plan in the child’s best interest, which means the focus is not on the needs of any one parent but on the developing needs of the child.

Child & Spousal Support

  • Guideline Support

  • Temporary vs. Permanent Support

  • Long-Term Marriage

Any family transitioning from one shared home to two separate households necessarily requires the reorganization of resources to support both. We recognize the practical importance and legal complexities in determining temporary and permanent support.

We help you as either the payer or payee to obtain a workable plan for support, both to provide adequately for your children and to fairly enable the payee spouse to build an independent and self-supporting future.

Marital Agreements

  • Prenuptial

  • Postnuptial

  • Marital Settlements

  • Transmutation

Spouses owe a fiduciary duty to each other and are held to a position of confidence by the other to fully disclose their financial circumstances and manage the community assets. An agreement regarding the division and confirmation of properties between spouses (postnuptial) or prospective spouses (prenuptial) is done in this context.

An accurate inventory of all assets and debts is essential to any marital agreement. We have the expertise to strategically assess your financial circumstances to confirm and protect your financial interests to achieve a well-informed and strongly enforceable agreement.

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