Small Business


Planning & Entity Formation

  • LLCs & S Corporations

  • Articles

  • Bylaws

  • Operating Agreements

  • Governance

Small business owners rely on our firm to handle all stages of planning, from entity formation and buy-sell agreements, to related corporate, tax and securities filings. We manage ongoing corporate governance issues to safeguard your personal assets from business liabilities.


Our firm’s expertise in complementary practice areas serve to provide added value to your business plan. As a small business owner, you have overlapping legal needs, such as ensuring proper business succession and compatibility with your family’s estate plan, or addressing community property considerations in business planning. Our firm is distinctly positioned to provide multi-dimensional solutions for business owners and their families.


  • Contracts

  • Asset Acquisitions

  • Real Property Purchases and Sales

  • Leases

Whether your small business is newly formed or long-established, we can assist with a wide array of business and real estate dealings. We frequently serve as outside general counsel to our business clients.


Our representation extends to your ongoing business dealings, such as structuring business and contractual relationships, asset and real property acquisitions, commercial leasing, and managing regulatory oversight.

Employment Counsel & Advice

  • Wage & Hour Policies

  • Meal & Rest Breaks

  • Paid Sick Leave

  • Family Leave

Employers with even a few employees face an overwhelming array of federal and state regulations. Small businesses are especially at risk of unwittingly missing compliance and exposing its owners and managers to liability.


We provide advice and counsel on employment policies, procedures, and best practices for compliance with the ever-changing requirements employers face in the management of its employees. We handle everything from reviewing global company policies and handbooks to individual personnel matters involving harassment, disability, discrimination, accommodations, paid sick leave and terminations.


  • Tax Exempt Status

  • 501(c)(3)

  • Other 501(c) Organizations

  • Forms 1023 and 1024 

In addition to your for-profit business ventures, we have experience assisting nonprofit corporations with initial formation, obtaining formal recognition of tax exempt status and compliance with tax laws to ensure retention of your organization’s tax exempt status. 


We have successfully organized a number of nonprofits for charitable, educational, scientific and other purposes, such as traditional 501(c)(3) charities and private foundations, 501(c)(5) agricultural associations and 501(c)(6) business leagues and trade associations. We work with both the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board to ensure proper recognition of your tax exempt status.